Beautiful mouthfuls, I live for them. That moment where everything comes together in a delightful union of sight, smell and taste. Oh, yes. Those moments that make your eyes roll back in your head, your toes curl and you are compelled to “Mmmmm”. Those mouthfuls are my obsession.

This obsession has been life long. We all need nourishment to survive, but I took this personal. I made it my art, my means of self expression, and my defining skill. I am not a professional chef, but I do have two associates degrees. One is in Culinary Arts, the other in Professional Catering. I have worked over a decade in catering, but have been feeding people nearly my whole life.

My love for all things food has spilled over into being more involved in the “where does my food come from?” aspect of the relationship. Being the granddaughter and daughter of farmers and country families, I have always had a pretty realistic idea of the answer to that.

However, I was raised a city girl. The changes to the food industry of today, from what was done on my family’s farm 50 years ago, have cast a dark cloud over my once idyllic view of the tasty fare I enjoyed so much.

So, I made a decision to be more involved in the process. I will grow and raise my own food. Or, at least source it in a way that supports my ideas about healthful and responsible eating. I can then be sure of the conditions, the quality, and the safety of what I served. An ambitious plan was born.

Then life happened…

Ahhh, if it was easy, everyone could do it. It is amazing what you learn about sustainability and the food chain when you lay down no real roots. The path of my life has wandered the map, and given me great experiences of learning, joy, sorrow, and some really amazing food. It may not have been at all to plan, but that doesn’t mean the plan was forgotten. No, it is lovingly kept and nurtured. It’s all about those beautiful mouthfuls, and being able to create something I feel good sharing with others.