Baby chickens are really adorable.  They are fluffy and kinda toddle around. They make cute little noises. They enjoy exploring when they aren’t sleeping, eating, or playing with the waterer to make puddles to splash around in. They will fall asleep in your hand. They enjoy small treats and get excited to see you when  bring them. They are curious and, like human babies, explore everything with their mouth.

When I ordered my three girls online, I picked two dual purpose and one colored egg layer. I  wanted good candidates for the Excellent Egg-speriment. They had to be larger bodied birds that lay well. They needed to be docile and not fight with me or each other. They had to be good foragers, but not hate living in a tractor in the backyard. I can only have 3 total chickens in this area, and no roosters.

I decided to try a mix of breeds and see what we liked and liked us back. Then later, we could make an informed commitment  to the larger flock we plan for once we settle on a property.  Out of my online searching I found references so several breeds that fit the bill. The chickens I ordered were my favorites.


The Lavender Orpington is Jewel.

Jewel is not a recognized breed of Orpington, currently.  Though, that is changing. She is a color called self blue, meaning she colors in a soft gray. Purple is my favorite color. Purple+chicken found my happy place. She is a sweet girl. She will let you hold her, if you can catch her or you have treats. She is a lap chicken if you bribe her. She will let you take a selfie for watermelon. She and her flockmate, Doodle are my dual purpose breed favorites. She was so fluffy as a baby! She has a Lavender cast to her feathers when she isn’t covered in dirt from bathing… or poo.


Doodle is a Silver Laced Wyandotte.
She, and Jewel are both heavy breeds and will turn into large birds. Weighing about 6+ pounds each. This is a big difference from how tiny they started out at.

Doodle is also a sweet girl. She doesn’t want you to hold her. She is even making a face in this picture. She will tolerate it for my husband. When it comes to others, and myself, she will promptly let you know how undignified she thinks it is, and flap and squawk and kick until you put her down.  Though she is always squatting at my feet. She doesn’t mind petting. She just likes her feet on the ground, thank you.

She is also my loudest complainer. If she isn’t getting what she wants, she will make sure you hear the discontent from across the yard.


The colored egg layer I chose was an Easter Egger, also not a recognized breed.
Cookie is a mix of Amerucana, a bearded breed that lays blue eggs, and another breed.

We have no idea what. We didn’t ask.

She may lay any one of a number of different colors, from green to blue or, even pink. I just thought it would be interesting to have colored eggs to cook with.

She has always been the top of the pecking order, straight out of the box. We actually thought she might be a roo. We are still, as of yet, not completely assured she isn’t. She is a good protector of the other two. Always first to the treat bowl and not scared of anything. This bird makes the dogs nervous.  She (?) Is friendly though. She can be herded, but also prefers her feet on the ground. Though, if you can catch her, she doesn’t mind a good massage.

They sure are cute as babies.  It’s a good thing, because there are other things that need to be made up for somewhere. Also, enjoy the fluffy cuteness while it lasts. Within six weeks they are ready for the world, so to speak. Looking a bit more awkward.


I still think they are cute, though.