I do not have photographic evidence of said mess. I will spare you the sight. Instead I show you how cute my girls are, because it almost makes up for it.

They play in their water. They play in their food. They walk in their poo and then all over everything.  THE POO is relentless.


Be prepared.

I actually looked up how much birds poo in a day out of concern there might be a problem with my chicks.

Did you know some breeds of bird can poo up to 200 times in a day? I didn’t know that, until I looked it up.

Although my girls are not quite that bad, they can hold their own in that ranking. We have dubbed their chicken tractor “The Fertilizer Factory”.

Our lawn and garden thanks us.

We have compost cooking for spring use in the garden from the poo we can gather. It mostly falls in the lawn beneath the tractor.

I move the coop every other day. Well, I mostly move the coop every other day. The longer the tractor sits the more damage they will do though grazing, but mostly the poo. It will burn your nice green lawn just like any other animal will.

I move my tractor to new lawn to keep it clean under the girls so they don’t get poo feet, and then water the old lawn generously after to help keep it from burning.

Leaving the tractor for too long will result in that spot becoming a stinky moon-scape. Not a good look.

It is also helpful that St. Augustine grass is very hearty.

The girls are also a bit destructive.  They climb on things when they have yard time, looking for treats. They pull blooms off of plants. They break the cacti. They dig out tender seedlings and then throw dirt everywhere. They knock over pots and then throw dirt everywhere. They take dirt baths, go over to clean spots and then throw dirt everywhere.


They can do all this and poo. It’s a talent, really.

Having chickens loose in the yard reminds me of when I had to baby proof the house for my children.  Turn your back on it for a minute and these girls will find that thing I forgot to pick up and either eat it, knock it over or poo on it. It is amazing.

I am sure glad they are cute.