I have only ever raised fowl once before, about 20 years ago. A pair of ducks named Dumb and Dumber. They were great at keeping our pond clear of mosquitoes.  The kids thought they were fun. A bald eagle thought they were pretty great, too. He took dumb and dumber for himself. Aside from those two, no other birds.



I have raised many cats and dogs, a rabbit and, once, even a raccoon. The two pictured here are our current fur kids. Cinder is the cat and the dog is Sampson. Where we live has changing ordinances regarding livestock. Finding land that allows chickens, or goats is hard to come by in an area where the commute can still be considered reasonable.

I knew everything there was to know, though.I was a regular Google scholar on the subject. I had the breeds I wanted to try, and where I was going to buy them. What I was going to feed them and how I would care for them.

My husband was so tired of the word chicken. Poor man. I’m so glad he loves me.


The garden was planned also. I live in zone 9. We start early here as we have three growing seasons. I bought my seeds and put them in pots and containers I had saved over the year. I knew it would be a pain to move them come May, but I had a plan, and Pinterest to guide me. They won’t outgrow their pots before then.

A few days after my husband’s birthday in February, he came home from work in the middle of the day. Not a usual occurrence for him. Oil prices had declined recently. Did I mention we live near a city known for oil? The company he worked for lost work, so they laid off workers. He was now looking for new work.

He got severance and vacation pay. We had our savings. We realized we had a chance to break orbit! We began looking at work a little further away and scouting for properties in some of our “wishful” areas. I felt so good about our prospects, I ordered three baby chicks to be shipped to me on May 11th, Three days before our lease formally ended.

Wishful thinking coupled with chicken fever makes for impractical decisions, sometimes.

…continued in Part 4: This too shall pass