This time last year we were ready to finally settle on a business plan, and an area to buy . We had our down payment and big, well-researched ideas. By well researched, I mean some real world experience and a whole lot of Pinterest.


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So much Pinterest.  No, really…it’s a disease.

It does have a wealth of great ideas, from some really great blogs and references. I also learned Google can be your friend, or worst enemy. We  had our reasons for wanting to go the way we were with our plans. We had come to terms with living in such close proximity to the city and decided to just fully adapt, and bloom where we were.

We knew we were going to have to buy a place, fix it up, and make it what we want. We didn’t have a huge budget, but we were in a position to finally do something we had been planning since we had a graduation date for the last child to leave the nest.

Fast forward to February 2015. My husband and I were in the “home” stretch. We only had three months last on our lease, and we were visiting properties we were interested in buying. We had one we were very interested in. It was a little brick 2 bedroom 2 bath on six acres. Fenced and cross-fenced with a barn, sheds, a pond, well and septic. It was over an hour from where my husband worked every day, but he has always commuted to work, even when we lived closer to the city. We have always lived in the suburbs. Close rows of houses and strict HOAs. He didn’t mind the drive so much when it was more country road than gridlock traffic. It was nearly perfect.

That last sentence was also an exaggeration. It wasn’t in great shape. It needed some serious work, but our contractor friend assured us it would not burn down if we used the electricity. The floors needed ripping out… well, it was a gut job. The price, though! Even if we went full restoration, it was well within our budget.

I had chicken fever. My first priority in the new place was building a chicken coop. Not fixing up the house so we could live in it. Build a coop. That and build a couple raised beds for a small kitchen garden and herb garden. I was full of ideas, and eager to put some theory I to practice.

…continued in Part 3: Plan for the worst