I had this crazy idea at the beginning of this year. I was going to raise chickens and plant a kitchen garden, complete with herbs. This would not seem so crazy to some.  After all, people raise chickens and plant gardens all the time, on nearly every corner of the globe. However, this is me we are talking about here. I am nothing if not impractical.

Let me explain…


I am Anna,  the owner of Anna’s Bonne Bouche. This started as a business name for future endeavors in the culinary world back in 2010, but has become a catch-all of my interests as of late. I do not sell anything  (yet), but I am working in that direction. I am married, and recently empty-nested. If you had asked me in January where I would be today, I would have given you a much different answer than our current situation. One year ago, my husband and I were searching for the perfect place to lay down roots, and establish a culinary business.


We live near an enormous metro area known for two things : great food, and oil. My husband works in quality for manufacturing, and I am a trained chef with a catering sales and management background.  If, we wanted to do a business here, we were in the right place. When I say this place is big, I do not exaggerate. Millions of people live here. It takes an hour to get across it by car. It practically exerts its own gravity.
That last point might be an exaggeration. It sure feels that way, though,  to my husband and I. We have been trying to break orbit for twelve years. We haven’t yet.


It’s not that it isn’t a great area. I really enjoy being so close to the beach.  The food is quite good around here as well. It is just really big, full of people and traffic. Lots and lots of traffic. We also get some really exciting weather. Air advisories and hurricanes are a real thing here. So is flooding, as this area basically was a swamp that was concreted over.
This area has been good to us for the most part, but we were ready for a more country setting about three years ago. The plan is to buy a farm, and sell products of that farm via a food truck.

…continued in Part 2:Hope for the best